QuickTime movie, in reverse chronological order. Most recent exhibitions shown first.

Still images provide an overview of the project.

QuickTime movie. Chronological documentation of The Alternate Encyclopedia and related projects including The Museum of the American Philosophical Society, Swarthmore College and the Maier Museum of Art. 1995 - 2007.

Video that accompanies objects of the New Art Preservation Project. Click here for excerpt.

The "Abstractions" appropriate original anatomy charts as the surface for new painted images (2005-07)

Paintings on paper from 1995-2002 included in The Alternate Encyclopedia project.

Suite of 15 copper plate etchings. Black ink on Arches Cover Buff. 8" x 5" each. Edition of 20. (1991)

Suite of 8 copper plate intaglio prints. 8"x 5" each image. Edition of 20. Also available as a limited edition accordion format book.