The Cabinet Paintings (1999-2001)
Like an modern cabinet of curiosities, artifacts from the scientific and domestic realms are brought together in paintings that create a diorama-like space.

Like the larger Cabinet Paintings, these small works isolate an individual object-specimen, conflating the scientific with the domestic.

Precursors to The Cabinet Paintings, these works from 1994-96 describe an assortment of natural and artificial objects in a space with multiple perspectives.

Studies for Paradox Series. 1990-91. Gouache on paper. 5.5 x 8 inches.

Series of 24 x 24 paintings. Acrylic on masonite panel. 1987-88.

Series of ink drawings (1988-90). 22 x 22 inches.

Johnson lived in Indianapolis, IN for two years while teaching at the Herron School of Art. Early influences included Chicago Imagism, and the Abstract Expressionist artist, Adolph Gottlieb. The transformation of everyday and unconventional materials was an important aspect of the work.